Partner Onboarding

BLOCKS DAO facilitates the Verified by BLOCKS transaction. Partners seeking verification should expect to acquire BLOCKS tokens as part of the onboarding process. BLOCKS tokens are "deposited" within the BLOCKS Registry dashboard web app. The app then issues API credits registered to your connected web3 wallet.

The partner registers a wallet address by connecting the project deployer wallet to the dashboard and depositing the agreed to amount of BLOCKS.

  1. Once connected to the dashboard, the partner should follow all prompts and not close any windows until done processing. The application will provide prompts all the way through until blockchain confirmation and credits update in the UI.

  2. The partner may now notify BLOCKS DAO of the deposit via Telegram chat or other official communication. The partner provides the wallet address registered in the dashboard (preferably the project's deployer wallet). The deployer wallet helps establish a connection to the project for KYB purposes.

  3. The DAO will deduct the credits following VBB implementation. The partner does not need to access the API.

The VBB process is manually completed by the BLOCKS DAO team. The partner's information is added to the queue for implementation. Once completed, the DAO will update the partner with all of the confirmation details for proving verification.

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