Building BLOCKS

From powering our industry partnerships to governing our DAO, the BLOCKS token is a multi-faceted utility token at the heart of the BLOCKS DAO LLC. Key utilities for the BLOCKS token are:

  1. Tokenized Community Participation - Work alongside the DAO collective and collaborate on initiatives that bridge traditional industries onto blockchain technologies. These chat groups are token permissioned Discord servers outlined further in the GitBook here.

  2. Governance - Have a voice in the operations of the organization. Utilize the BLOCKS Token to submit proposals and vote on collective decisions driving the organization further. Governance proposals can be viewed, submitted, and voted on here.

  3. Platforms - Receive benefits from strategic partners by participating in the DAO.

  4. Software Development Kits - Community built software and decentralized applications built on top of the BLOCKS network.

  5. Network Participation - BLOCKS will become a unit of measure across an ecosystem of platforms and partnerships.

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