How to Enter the Tokenized Community
Join the BLOCKS Discord Server here.
BLOCKS is using a bot called Collab.Land for entry into the Blocks Tokenized Community via the Discord Server. To enter, you must hold a minimum amount of BLOCKS in your MetaMask wallet. If your wallet ever falls below the minimum threshold, then Collab.Land will automatically kick you out of the channel. You are able to re-join the channel(s) when you hold the minimum amount of BLOCKS in your MetaMask.
Read more about the different tiers here to see which membership is best for you.
Once you enter the Discord Server, head to the #join channel and type !join (this channel will not be live until the launch of the Tokenized Community). You'll receive further instructions in a DM from Collab.Land. Read on in the next section on how to claim a token permission role from Collab.Land.
Last modified 2mo ago
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