What Channels Can I Join Without Having Tokens?

There are plenty of channels you can still join without holding tokens and verifying your wallet. Take a look at the list below with a brief description for each: # 👋 | welcome - guide for our Discord server. Read only channel. # 🔐 | security-tips - advice to keep you safe in Discord. Read only channel. # 💬 | general - space to engage and ask questions about BLOCKS and what we can do. # 📝 | member-intros - introduce yourself and tell us what brought you here! #💰 │ how-to-buy-blocks - discuss and troubleshoot how to buy BLOCKS. Read only channel. #🖇 |official-links – a place for important BLOCKS links. Read only channel. # 👥 |community-groups – marketing, Business Development, Operations, Finance. Read only channel. # 📥 |suggestions – drop any suggestions you have about how to improve our Discord server. #👮 │ scam-report - report any suspicious activity, links, and scammers. DO NOT RESPOND TO UNSOLICITED DMS! # 🌎 | language-requests - at BLOCKS, we want to be inclusive. If you feel strongly about adding a global language channel, drop a request in the channel. # 📰 | newsletters - bi-weekly newsletters. Read only channel. # 📚 | education - learn more about basic (and sometimes in depth) topics in the industry. Read only channel. # 🐦|tweets-and-articles - tweets from the DAO Twitter account and articles about BLOCKS. Read only channel. # 🥩 │ staking - info and discussions about how to get rewards staking your BLOCKS. # 💸 │ airdrops - info and discussions about airdrop campaigns done by the DAO. These are the channels available to you when you come into the Discord server. There are many more when you verify your BLOCKS! Come be a part of decentralization and join our tokenized community!

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