Immortalizer App
The Immortalizer is a web app designed to save the text of tweets on the blockchain. The app facilitates the ability to capture an original tweet immutably, and demonstrates utility as a censorship mitigation tool if a tweet is deleted or edited. The Immortalizer app is a functional proof of concept for the BLOCKS data utility.
The tweet data is inserted on-chain when the user pays for the transaction within Metamask. The BLOCKS token facilitates payment and on-chain data insertion simultaneously. The app does require the use of BLOCKS tokens which can be acquired through the swap feature in Metamask or directly on SushiSwap or Uniswap. Links to liquidity pools for swapping can be found here.
The Immortalizer now supports transactions on Ethereum and Polygon. If you have a balance of BLOCKS on Ethereum, you can create transactions immediately. If you need BLOCKS, simply swap ETH for BLOCKS using the Metamask swap feature.
If you with to use Polygon to save on gas fees, there are a few additional steps:
  1. 1.
    You need to use the Polygon bridge to move your BLOCKS to Polygon OR you can swap MATIC tokens for bridged BLOCKS using the Metamask swap feature on Polygon network.
  2. 2.
    Once you have a supply of bridged BLOCKS on Polygon, you can then swap BLOCKS for MATIC BLOCKS Data tokens on SushiSwap here.
  3. 3.
    You'll need MATIC tokens to cover the gas fees on Polygon. You can easily get MATIC on ChangeNOW.
  4. 4.
    Now you are ready to Immortalize tweets on the cheap using BLOCKS on Polygon.
1) Find a tweet you want to immortalize, click it, and copy the full status URL.
tweet status url
2) Go to the Immortalizer App and connect your Metamask wallet.
connect metamask
3) Once connected, make sure you have a BLOCKS balance in your wallet.
check BLOCKS balance
4) Paste the full tweet URL into the input field.
paste in full tweet url
5) Click the “Immortalize It” button to start the transaction.
start the data transaction
6) View the immortalized tweet on the @immortalizerB twitter thread. Click the “Blockchain” link to view the data on-chain.
view the immortalized tweet
7) Use the “Click to See More” button to view options.
visit the blockchian link on Etherscan
8) Click “View Input As” and select “UFT-8” to read the text.
view the on-chain tweet data
9) (Optional) Select “Decode Input Data” and copy the data hex.
copy the hex data
10) Visit a Web3 Type converter like this one, and paste in the data hex to read.
decode the on-chain data and read